Welcome to Fine art photographer Mette Boes sense for uncovering the details of the image with her canted camera angles. Her unique photographic vision can transform your Company´s visual profile.


I would describe my artistic style as a fusion of poetry, intimacy and canted angles. Its about discovering something meaningful in something otherwise considered meaningless, finding beauty in the ugly, that is often overlooked. Its in these small differences in approach that I call "Everyday glimpses".


Its really all about closeness and authenticity. For your portrait to express your personality and mood, the photo needs to be as real as possible for it to be convincing, no matter where it is being displayed. Since most are camera shy, it is important for me that I create a relaxed atmosphere, so that you forget that there is a camera present.


Revamp your visual profile with authentic closeups of your products, production processes and work environment. By creating images that unite poetry, intimacy and canted angles, that I call "Everyday glimpses", I will seek to enhance visually your Company´s own unique story and history. This in turn will generate excitement internally. It will set your Companies profile apart from other companies and wet the appetite of future new clients and customers.