Everyday glimpses

Canted camera angles that uncover the image

As an artist I aim photographically to introduce new aspects that capture "Everyday glimpses". These are the recognisable elements that we see in our everyday lives that captivate my attention.

An aesthetic journey.

I find joy in capturing the beauty in the smallest details and then magnifying the image, so the viewer can marvel at seeing the identifiable object in the unidentifiable detail.

In my collages I primarily focus on the unusual finds people have discarded in waste paper bins or forgotten in drawers. It can be as diverse as a photo lamp or an old pillow case riddled with holes!

I find inspiration working with materials that have a history from another era or environment. The patina of time and decay renders objects with a special beauty that is both evocative and mesmerising. My work process involves a number of stages exploring the image until the complete story is expressed.